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A Resource For Improving The Quality Of Handwriting For Pupils in KS One and Two

I had the pleasure of speaking with handwriting expert and specialist teacher, Lee Dein regarding a resource that she has developed called Magic Link Handwriting.

Originally a speech and language therapist she was once asked if she could help a child with their handwriting and in doing so found that word had gotten around about how she had helped that child.
One thing lead to another and Lee found that she had a steady stream of parents eager to get her to help their children.

A 'Before and After' illustration of the benefit of the work done by Lee Dein.
Almost by accident, Lee realised that she had a reproducible system that she could use to help pupils to become more confident in their hand written work.  She has since gone on to developing a 30 step program for pupils on DVD and online.

The video below illustrates what to expect from her work.

Have you used this system?  What do you think about it's benefits?  Please let us know.

For more information click here.

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