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We love FREE Talking Books. A great way to support reading comprehension strategies for students in school.

Happy New Year Readers!

Click here to access the FREE Talking Book Service from the RNIB
The FREE Talking Book Service From The RNIB

At this time in the academic year students in schools will be faced with the pressure of the upcoming exams in the summer.  Preparations will be starting to take place by teachers who, whilst caring for their pupils, will also be under pressure to achieve good results from their students.  It is essential that reading comprehension strategies are in place so that students can get the best marks from their reading and writing at school or college.

So as parents and supporters of students at school and college it is important that we are aware of available resources that could help students with Dyslexia.

A perhaps unusual place to look is the charity, RNIB.  The RNIB is a charity that supports people that live with a visual impairment or sight loss.  Whilst not directly related to the issues associated with Dyslexia, people with a visual impairment struggle to access text and one method for supporting this disability is an initiative that the RNIB have set up called The Talking Book Service.
This service provides users who need better access to books with a 23,000 title library that covers genres such as fiction to sport, biography through to children's books.
Each title is available in digital audio as well as giant print for adults and children.

For people who have Dyslexia this service is absolutely free but you do need to register for the license to use the library.

To access the service click here.


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