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Build the vocabulary of dyslexic children.

Today I read a delightful blog post on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Leadership blog.

The writer is Stephanie Sigal who is a speech and language therapist practising in New York, US.
She talks about how a parent can enrich the vocabulary of their children by giving them the space to explore language and uses a delightful example of a conversation between a mother and her daughter.

The post advocates the parent not dominating a conversation with their child and giving the child time to decide what words to use for any given conversation and playfully explore alternatives.

It struck me that if parents were able to consciously take time to have meaningful conversations with their children in a relaxed ( I know, I am a parent too and I know how hard it is not to be preoccupied with other things when talking to my kids) way, exploring language, then this could be a great way to help our children to build their vocabularies and to understand how words go together.  For dyslexic children to have this quality time , this could reap huge benefits in helping them to develop their knowledge of vocabulary and ultimately with their reading and writing.

Anyway, you can read Stephanie's inspiring blog post by clicking here.


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