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FREE Software For Dyslexia Needs Assessors!

I wanted to highlight a resource that could be useful to dyslexia specialists that seek to support the literacy skills of dyslexic learners.

The sponsor of this blog, SprintPlus is a software suite that is used to build up the confidence and productivity of dyslexic learners.  At it's most basic function, it simply reads out text that is written within Microsoft Word and enables the user to proof read their work audibly.

The video below demonstrates this;

So the resource in question is simple.  If you are a specialist dyslexia tutor or assessor whether in school, college or even in the workplace then you are eligible for a FREE copy of SprintPlus for your personal use.  We will give you a free copy in exchange for your feedback on how the software performs and could be used to meet the needs of dyslexic learners and workers.  
This resource is ONLY available in the UK.

To take advantage of this opportunity simply click the SprintPlus icon below and complete the webform.  Then follow the instructions.

Click here to apply for your free copy of SprintPlus.

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