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British Dyslexia Association Ambassador Graduates With A First Class Honours!

As you know the Studying With Dyslexia Blog seeks to provide information and inspiration to supporters of dyslexic learners and so it is really exciting when we can announce fantastic news about friends of this blog who are clearly an inspiration to others.

Sarah Chapman is a dyslexic.  She is a mother of two and is running her own business.  Clearly that is enough stuff to deal with for most people, but on top of this she has been studying for a BA (Hons) degree in Education Studies with SEND at Derby University.

Sarah Chapman, Operation Diversity,
Sarah Chapman on her graduation day.

On the 15th July, Sarah graduated with a first class honours degree. 
Build confidence and independence
for dyslexic writers.

Balancing studying with being a parent is something that took me almost ten years to complete so I know how hard that would have been and Sarah deserves loads of respect for all that effort.

Sarah Chapman, Operation Diversity, British Dyslexia AssociationNow she is focusing her time on her business Operation Diversity where children and adults with specific learning differences (SpLDs) are inspired and empowered to reach their full potential and where their friends and families are given the tools to support them every step of the way.

We want Sarah to know how chuffed we are for her and that we wish her all the very best for this next stage in her life.

Congratulations Sarah!

Get in touch with Sarah using the following links....

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