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YouTube Video of the Week - Kara Toiton - Don't Call Me Stupid


A few years ago the BBC ran a documentary about the popular actress Kara Tointon and her life as a dyslexic.  This programme was released in 2010 and I missed it!

At that time, my daughter, Jess, was just starting to realise that she had dyslexia and we were building up to getting her assessed.  How I wish that I had seen this back then as it helps me to understand more about the life of my daughter!

Today I was trawling the YouTube archives for a good video about dyslexia and I notice that somehow this programme was put onto Youtube and I started watching it and I found it really interesting and Tara gets top marks from me in being so open about the struggles that she has experienced.

This programme has been broken down into four chunks and this is the first but if you want to see the others I have listed the links below:

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