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What support can you expect from schools? Check your statement of provision here.

Are you aware of the guidelines and advice that your local County Council is providing to parents, teachers and schools about supporting students with dyslexia?

One of the members of the Parenting Dyslexia Facebook Group highlighted that their own county council (Cambridgeshire) released their advise on supporting dyslexic students.  It contains a lot of useful links and signposts parents and teachers to essential resources.
The 'Advice' also gives their definition of what dyslexia is and guidelines for inclusion within
the classroom i.e making teaching activities more dyslexia friendly as well as being more understanding with misunderstood behaviour that stems from being dyslexic e.g slow reading comprehension, low attention span, difficulty in remembering etc.

Find out more about the Local Offer in your area by clicking here.

Join our community and get free resources to help your dyslexic learner.


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