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How to build engagement with kids at school.


Here is a novel thought! What would happen if we made the sole reason for going to school about entertaining our kids rather than educating our kids?  Ok, stick with me for a moment. Indulge me!

We all know that many kids struggle with concentrating at school but they will quite happily go home and play console games, learn to play music on different instruments, develop videos on Youtube and draw comic characters.
To do all those things there will have been a learning step that they would have needed to go through to get there, but they are prepared to do it because they know that they are going to enjoy the end result.
Many kids today go to school and engage because they think that it is something that needs to be done for the sake of doing it, they are not expecting to enjoy the end result and probably expecting to be judged through tests and exams.  Then you throw into the mix the problems with learning that dyslexia brings up, we might have a child that is even more less engaged.

So what if....what if we could get kids to go to school because they want to be there because they enjoy it, they find it entertaining, they want to study because the way that they study is fun?

I came across this video today which is a TEDx by Rossie Stone who discovered that he was "bad at school" and eventually realised that by converting his school work into comics he could have fun and learn at the same time with some very significant positive outcomes.

Take a look at the video below and I would love your comments as to what you think about making our education more entertaining and thus more engaging.

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