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Wanted Dyslexia Heroes.

 Are you a 'Dyslexia Hero'?  Do you know a 'Dyslexia Hero'?

We are so used to seeing blog posts and articles about famously successful dyslexics who are in the public eye for all sorts of wonderful reasons but often we don't give enough credit to those 'normal' people who live their everyday lives with dyslexia and who also deserve to be recognised for what they do.

On the Studying With Dyslexia Blog, we are searching for stories about remarkable normal people who are breaking the stereotype about having dyslexia who are either in education as students or who are supporting students with dyslexia.  We would like to feature you or someone you know on this blog if you fit that description and if you can answer the following questions:

What are the positive effects of dyslexia on your life?
What strategies do you use to help with studying with dyslexia?
How are you helping others with dyslexia?

To be featured on the #SWDBlog simply send me an email giving your name and the answers to the questions as well as a photograph of yourself by clicking here.

I will then post your story on this blog.  I can't wait to find out all about you.

Join our community and get free resources to help your dyslexic learner.

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