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Dyslexia : Are some schools unofficially excluding children with SEND?

Yesterday a disturbing news article was published by the Guardian about some UK schools that are unofficially excluding children with SEND in order to report better exam results.

The Guardian has reported that some schools are deliberately 'gaming' the exam system by informally excluding poorly performing pupils.

It has been reported that there are hundreds of cases of children being removed from their schools on tenuous if not illegal grounds according to a charity offering legal advice to parents.
This activity referred to as 'off-rolling' appears to be happening in schools that are under pressure to improve performance.  Unfortunately it would appear that children with SEND are the largest group of children to be affected by this practise.

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The Children's Commissioner for England , Anne Longfield, said that some schools are abandoning their responsibility for their pupils, seeking to 'pass the buck' to other ill equipped schools.  This is resulting in vulnerable children falling through the gaps into difficult adult lives.

It is a difficult time for young people in education.  Even more so for those with SEN conditions such as dyslexia.  With GCSE gradings changing with top marks being even more unattainable and a lack of resources to support young people with SEN, we are likely to see some challenging times ahead.  With this news, it is no wonder the some pupils are leaving secondary education with a dislike for education and no qualifications.  Currently there are almost one million young people in the UK that are not in education, employment or training (NEET), surely activities such as 'off-rolling' will not be helping to prepare our young people with SEND for their adult lives ahead.  Our children should be protected as they go through education, not used as pawns for over pressured heads of schools.  These kids are being failed and something must be done.

Are you aware of this practice?  Has this happened to your child?

I would really like to know about your experiences.  Please tell me what you think in the comments box below.

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