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Tips For Helping With Dyscalculia.

OK so I know that this is the Studying With Dyslexia Blog, but it is important to recognise that many young people who have dyslexia, also have co-occuring conditions too.

One of those conditions that are commonly co-occurring is Dyscalculia.  I have featured articles about dyscalculia before and in follow up to the article about dyscalculia specialist Judy Hornigold ( click here) I thought that I would find a useful video that can provide tips on how to support the learning of a child with dyscalculia.

On Youtube there are a number of videos on dyscalculia ( I once posted an article about a TEDx video by Line Rothmann on dyscalculia which is really interesting - click here to view it).

When I watched Line Rothmann's talk I was shocked at how difficult life can be when struggling with numbers.  In a simplistic way, I see dyscalculia as a 'numbers dyslexia' but it is more than that for some people.  In an extreme form, it affects aspects of doing maths (especially arithmetic) but it can affect working with time or understanding dates.  The world is full of numbers and so when a child has a problem with them this is obviously going to be a problem when making one's way through education.

So it is a good thing for teachers to be aware of dyscalculia and incorporating teaching methods that include strategies that help young people with dyscalculia.  The following video shows some really straight forward tips on how to help a child to work with dyscalculia.

Have you come across dyscalculia before?  What are your experiences?

I would like to remind you again of the dyscalculia workshop that Judy Hornigold is presenting at the SEN Jigsaw Conference in Stoke on April 21st 2018.  There will be a range of other talks and workshops which will be helpful for any parent, teacher or SENCO that support young people with special educational needs.

The full lineup is below and to book your place simply click here.

Book your ticket today.

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