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Dyslexia Awareness Week. What will you do?

Let's Celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Week.

Dyslexia Awareness Week runs from Monday 1st October to Sunday 7th October with World Dyslexia Awareness Day being celebrated on Thursday 4th October.

So what is Dyslexia Awareness Week?

Dyslexia Awareness Week is a UK wide initiative to raise awareness about dyslexia.  There is a huge lack of understanding about the condition and how it affects the lives of those that have it in education and the workplace.  What is really sad about that lack of understanding is that through the use of specialised support and tutoring, dyslexia friendly practises in school and in using technology, dyslexia doesn't have to be a huge problem.  In fact, there are some huge benefits that come from having dyslexia but those benefits so often get missed because the person with dyslexia is not empowered to realise their potential.

What drives me personally is seeing how specialised support for my own daughter helped her to thrive at school and yet in the same school there were other young people with much worse experiences of dyslexia who were labelled as troublemakers or not engaged or lazy!

This is so wrong!!

Join me this week to do everything that we can to raise awareness about dyslexia.

I support the British Dyslexia Association's campaign this week and more information about their activities can be found by clicking here.

Click here to find out more.
Click here to support the British Dyslexia Association's Dyslexia Awareness Week campaign.

Click here.
Click for more.
NEWS FLASH - I am extending the deadline for the Early Bird ticket discount for the SEN Jigsaw Conference for the whole of Dyslexia Awareness Week.  Get your tickets cheaper while you can and come and listen to talks and workshops about Dyscalculia, Dyslexia and study skills!  More information can be found here.

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Personally I have written a short publication called "The Top 5 Ways Of Supporting Your Child With
SEN".  It is written from my perspective as a parent of a dyslexic daughter who is now successfully at University.

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