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What type of Assistive Technology will work for my child?

John Hicks - Dyslexia Blogger, Parenting & Neurodiversity Coach
If you are a parent or a specialist teacher supporting a dyslexic learner then you might be wondering about how Assistive Technology could be useful for that young person.  It may be that you have been looking into Assistive Technology and are a little confused as to the different types available and which one is best for that particular student.  With no two dyslexics presenting with the exact same challenges, it is difficult to find a one size fits all solution. 

So maybe, an Assistive Technology overview could be useful to you as you provide your own dyslexia support to you young people?

I was delighted to team up with dyslexia tutor and assessor, Georgina Smith to present an 'Assistive Technology Overview' to parents and specialist teachers online via a webinar. 
It was wonderful to have people logging in from all over the world to find out more about Assistive Technology but it was even more wonderful to be in the company of people who were committed to helping young people with dyslexia overcome challenges to learning.

If you missed it then don't worry as it was recorded and I will share the link further down this article.

In the webinar I shared the following information:

Why is Assistive Technology important?
What is Assistive Technology?
Types of Assistive Technology?
How to fund Assistive Technology?

These are the main topics and included are a number of short demonstration videos too.

I hope that you will find it useful and to access the recording simply click the link below.

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