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Dyslexia and Education: What Parents Should Prepare Themselves For.

As we move into the Spring Term here in the UK, as parents we will be acutely aware of how our dyslexic children are feeling about getting back to school.

For any child with dyslexia or Special Educational Need (SEN), the barriers to education that can be experienced during the school day will have an emotional impact on a child, which left unchecked, can lead to issues with self-esteem, confidence and of course attainment.

Added to these challenges is what seems to be ever shrinking budgets for supporting children with SEN despite a recent announcement from Education Secretary Damien Hinds about the cash injection of £250m to support children with SEND over the next two years (December 2018 - Click for more information).

As parents, we should have as much information to hand about provision for our dyslexic children within the education system as possible so that we are able to successfully negotiate support from schools and Local Authorities.
There is still much confusion as to what provision is available, who should provide it and how to apply for support.

With some Local Authorities misleading parents on how to approach the support of a child with dyslexia it would seem that getting support is tricky for parents.  As someone who works with a lot of parents of dyslexic children, I am hearing first hand how hard it is to get relevant information that is essential to making a difference for dyslexic kids in education.

An essential resource for parents from the British Dyslexia Association.

The British Dyslexia Association in conjunction with St David's College and the Local Dyslexia Association has organised a series of Parent Pop-Up events across the UK in 2019.
Find out about St David's College.

Each Pop-Up Parent event seeks to provide parents with essential information that will help them to confidently make decisions on the next steps to gaining support for their children.

Key topics covered are :

  • What is dyslexia? Supporting your child’s needs; BDA CEO, Helen Boden
  • Empowering Potential; Arran Smith
  • Navigating the SEN maze: entitlement, provision and appeals; Hayley Mason
  • How does my child’s dyslexia affect me? Parenting Coach, John Hicks

By attending one of these events, parents will become more aware of the complexity that comes with supporting a dyslexic child through education but will also be empowered to make meaningful decisions that will have a positive impact on their children.
Parents will gain information about what dyslexia is, the legal position for parents requesting support, gain information about technology that helps with studying and gain a deeper understanding of how their feelings about their child's dyslexia affect not only their child but also themselves and how they negotiate support with school staff.

These events have already been delivered in London and Northampton.

For more information about these events check out the events page on the Studying With Dyslexia Blog.

Free resource - Download today.

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