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Dyslexia Support Spotlight: The Helen Arkell Centre

Helen Arkell Believe Achieve Succeed

In December 2018 I had the pleasure of visiting the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre in Farnham.
This is what I found out about this excellent charity that has made a positive contribution to the lives of thousands of people and young people with dyslexia.
The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, Farnham

Operating since Helen Arkell herself opened the first centre in 1971 after having seen her nephew being diagnosed with 'Word Blindness' in Denmark, Helen overcame her own dyslexia and has influenced many with her own brand of dyslexia support.

The Helen Arkell's vision is to see a day when people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties have the same opportunities as everyone else to achieve their goals.

Certainly when I visited the whole centre was thriving with courses and assessments being delivered to users of the service.

Helen Arkell - Click here to read more about Helen's Story
Helen Arkell - Click here to read more about Helen's Story - Photo courtesy of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre
In this past year, Andy Cook has become the CEO of the Helen Arkell Centre and the charity provides a range of resources that empower teachers, parents and young people believe in themselves, achieve and succeed.

For people and young people who suspect that they have dyslexia, the Helen Arkell Centre provides assessments and tuition and prides themselves on being available as a resource through all stages of one's life.

Helen Arkell also delivers training courses for teachers at level 5 and 7, provides training for teaching assistants and courses for parents.

In assessing and tuition, the staff at the centre very much take a personal approach in supporting clients with dyslexia taking into account not only their educational or workplace challenges but also other aspects of their lives too that affect them. A very holistic view which has lead to many adults crediting the Helen Arkell Centre for successfully helping them to put the challenges of having dyslexia behind them.

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